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Securly Acquires Edficiency to Personalize K-12 Scheduling

Updated: May 20

Securly, a leading provider of K-12 solutions for school safety and wellness, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Edficiency, an innovative flex scheduling solution.

Effective as of February 1st, 2024, the acquisition reinforces Securly’s commitment to keeping K-12 students safe, secure, and ready to learn by enhancing personalized learning opportunities.

Edficiency’s flex scheduling solution automates daily scheduling processes, allowing educators to focus on supporting students and optimizing academic outcomes. By streamlining tasks such as student assignments, conflict resolution, and class size balancing, Edficiency empowers teachers to create a more tailored and effective learning experience.

With the addition of Edficiency, Securly aims to extend the benefits of well-managed flex scheduling to districts nationwide, providing a valuable resource for personalized learning that was previously challenging to implement due to time and resource constraints.

Securly plans to integrate the Edficiency flex scheduling solution with its existing Securly Flex solution to create a new industry standard for flex scheduling in K-12 schools.

Joseph Connelly, Co-founder of Edficiency, expressed enthusiasm about the combination, stating, “Joining forces with Securly will enable us to bring the benefits of flex scheduling to more and more districts across the country. We are excited to be part of the Securly team and believe that this will bring tremendous benefits to Edficiency’s existing customers and team members.”

Bharath Madhusudan, CEO and Co-founder of Securly, highlighted the immediate impact on customers, stating, “We recognize the vital role personalized instruction plays in the academic success of students and, with the addition of Edficiency, Securly now has the most complete set of flex scheduling solutions in the market.”

Securly extends a warm welcome to Edficiency customers, inviting them to join the Securly family and experience the meaningful impact the company strives to make every day in keeping K-12 students safe, secure, and ready to learn.


For answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to this press release, visit our FAQ.

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