Excellence in Flex Time Awards
Recognizing Teachers, School Leaders, + Schools that Go Above + Beyond

Please note that the nomination window for the 2021 awards has closed. Winners will be announced publicly in the summer of 2021​. Please check back in the spring semester of 2022 to participate in the 2022 Excellence in Flex Time Awards.

The 2021 winners have been announced! Please click here to learn more about this year's winners!

Edficiency is launching an annual award to celebrate teachers, school leaders, and schools that are going above and beyond during the flexible instructional time of their day. We know flex time can go by many names, so whether your school calls it a Flex Period, Intervention Block, What I Need (WIN) Time, Mascot Time, Activity Period, Advisory Period, or something else entirely, we welcome you to submit a nomination.


Anyone may nominate a teacher, school leader, or school they believe is deserving of consideration for the award. Individuals are able to nominate themselves or their own school and may submit as many nominations as they’d like for each category. 


Any individual or school that receives multiple nominations by different people will have all nominations considered, though the most recent nomination will be considered if multiple nominations are submitted by the same person for another single entity.

Judging Criteria

Nominations will be judged based on the following criteria: 

  • Impact on Student Achievement

  • Impact on School Culture

  • Creativity in Approach 

Note: while helpful to provide evidence for each judging criteria, nominations are encouraged whenever there is strong evidence among any of the criteria, even if only one of the three.


Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each category (teacher, school leader, and school). For individual awards (teacher and school leader), recipients will receive $200 in Amazon and $50 to Starbucks.


School-wide winners will receive $500 in credit towards Edficiency and $100 to Starbucks to celebrate their staff at a time of their choosing (like a staff meeting, professional development day, or whatever makes sense to the school).


Note: if there is no Starbucks nearby, a request can be made to reallocate that towards the Amazon gift card and/or school credit.

Nomination Form + Timeline

If you’re interested in nominating yourself, your school, or someone you work with, please fill out this nomination form.


Nominations will be taken until 11:59pm Pacific Time on May 31, 2021. Winners will be selected and announced in June 2021.


All nominations will be reviewed by the Edficiency team to determine the winner based on the criteria listed above.

Additional Notes on Eligibility

Teacher-Level Nominations

Anyone that directly works with and/or “teaches” students during flex time can be nominated for the teacher award. This could include traditional teachers, paraprofessionals, tutors, and other similar roles.

School Leader-Level Nominations

Anyone that serves in a school-wide role and impacts how the entire school is run during flex time is eligible to be nominated for school leader award. This could include principals, assistant/associate principals, deans, office managers, secretaries, teachers charged with school-wide flex time responsibilities, and other similar roles.

Have questions before submitting a nomination or anything else? Please email James Bacon at jbacon@edficiency.com.