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About Us

What We Do

Edficiency helps middle & high schools make the most of their flex time by taking care of flex time operations, automating the process of assigning students each day. We give administrators & teachers time back so they can spend more time focusing on their students, not logistics.

Want to know more about how our software works? Click here to learn more about what Edficiency is.

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What We Believe

We believe:

  • teachers & students know best what they need to be successful, but they often struggle to get enough time when they need it

  • technology should enable teachers & administrators to do their jobs better & save them time

  • every student can succeed when given the right time & support, which is not the same for every student

  • student data is of the utmost importance & we must do everything we can to protect it

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How It Works

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Who We Are
Joseph Connelly

Founder + Director of Technology

Joseph is the founder of Edficiency and oversees technology and product development. He began his career in the US Army after 9/11, moving into roles in operations and database management over the course of his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. A natural problem-solver with a sense of duty to serve others, he transitioned into the classroom upon completing his term with the Army. He taught chemistry and physics at New London High for 7 years before moving into district administration overseeing data and assessment for De Pere Public Schools. While at New London, he taught himself to code so he could automate their flex periods, which is how Edficiency was born. Joseph likes to coach soccer for his two boys in his spare time. He received a full academic scholarship to the University of Southern California and graduated with a BS in Secondary Education & Teaching and an MS in Data Science from the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

James Bacon

Director of Outreach + Operations

James oversees the outreach and operations for Edficiency. He began his career as a middle school math teacher in Arkansas before coaching teachers across the K-12 spectrum in parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Louisiana. He then founded and led a Teach For America region in northeastern Louisiana before spending time abroad, where he consulted, taught, and rebuilt schools and homes in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Nepal, respectively. Upon returning to the US, he worked at Boston Public Schools where he oversaw hiring for the district and participated in various entrepreneurship activities on the side, like the 4.0 Schools Fellowship and Education Startup Weekend. In his spare time, James enjoys traveling and spending time with his growing family. He received a BS in Business from Wake Forest and MSEd in Education Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

How We Started

MARCH 2015

Joe's school announces it will implement a flexible period next fall + Joe claims he can make that time more efficient (than is reasonable to believe)

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