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Intervention Scheduling Software

An Easier Way to Manage Flex Time

Create daily flex schedules in a fraction of the time with our easy-to-use software so you can focus on what really matters.

Give Choice
Save Time
Increase Opportunities

Scheduling Flex Time Can Be Complicated & Time-Consuming

We know scheduling students to go somewhere different for part of each day can take teachers and administrators a lot of time. Even more, students can easily fall through the cracks and not be assigned where they're most needed, or worse, not assigned at all.


You can spend countless hours trying to ensure all teachers have an offering & all students have an assignment somewhere (especially students that don't request anything & no teacher requests)


You & your staff spend valuable time trying to manage all the offerings, room limits, room numbers, requests, & assignments, hoping students don't fall through the cracks 


You & your team spend time manually reviewing conflicting teacher requests for students or rooms, creating systems to limit when different teachers can see students in an effort to be fair


You constantly worry about students knowing where they are assigned each day,  if they showed up, & how your staff can locate every student at all times, even when things change last minute

Flex Scheduling Should be Easy

As former teachers and administrators ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of giving you time back and making flex scheduling easy so you can do what you do best -  support your students. We're here to help.

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We automate the daily process of assigning all students, taking care of unrequested students, resolving conflicts, & balancing class sizes


We intelligently assign students with eight levels of request priorities to ensure kids go where they’re most needed every day


We schedule students for flexible periods the night before & notify them before they get to school for ultimate flexibility

Balanced Class Sizes

Avoid Scheduling & Room Conflicts

Instant & Historic Attendance Data

Google & Microsoft Single Sign-On

Access Anywhere with Internet

Electronic Student Notifications

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We Create Daily Rosters so You Don't Have to

Each day, Edficiency takes thousands of data points, like the max class size for each session, ideal average class sizes, group configurations, regular class rosters, requests from administrators, teachers, & students, among others, to create daily rosters for each school. With eight different priority levels, students end up where they are most needed each day without you & your staff having to manage all the details. Edficiency even matches students with teachers they know whenever possible and balances class sizes to ensure no student is unaccounted for and no teacher is carrying an undue burden. It does all this and communicates this information to your staff & students while you're at home asleep each night. Click here to learn more about Edficiency's software.

Our Reach


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How to Get Started


Schedule a Demo

Get your questions answered with a tailored one-on-one webinar where we focus on your school's context.


Get Set Up

Our team will guide you through the set-up process to make sure you & your team are ready for success.


Focus on What Matters

Let Edficiency create your daily flex time rosters so you can focus on what matters most: your students.


2018 UASSP Principal of the Year

“It has been a night and day difference from what we've experienced in the past!

The thing I like most about it is it has daily rosters and every student is accounted for 100%. ...

This program has been a magic bullet.”


Instructional Technology Facilitator

“They are, by far, the best educational support company I have ever worked with. Not only do they understand the software, but they immediately understood our own vision for its implementation... I can't overstate how perfect Edficiency has been for our school.”



“In other programs similar to this, unless students specifically sign-up, they are left wandering the building with nowhere to be. Edficiency will take the student rankings and the teachers’ needs and schedule every single student to a space. This is not only important for academics but for safety.”

What People Say

Click here to read more reviews from teachers & administrators across the country that have been collected independently through Software Advice.


of teachers & administrators agree we are easy to use


of teachers & administrators agree we contributed to an increase in student achievement


of teachers & administrators agree we save them time

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We're Here to Help

We know firsthand that your most valuable resource is time as a teacher and school administrator.

At Edficiency, we're here to help make your flex schedule logistics easier, whether for a flex period, intervention block, optional lunch office hours, after-school activities, or something else. Our goal is to give you time back so you can do what you do best - provide a great education for your students. That's why we focus on ensuring our software is easy to use and saves you time. We're also always here when you have questions, whether about our software, your flex time plans, or your flexible scheduling strategy. As former teachers and administrators ourselves, we pride ourselves on being responsive, adding value, and providing top-notch customer support. We even created some free resources you might find helpful because we know there are limited resources on the topic of flex time (click here to check them out).

We make flex scheduling logistics easier for middle & high schools.

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