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Are your students running on a fixed axle?

As a car drives around a corner, the inside and outside tires have to travel a different distance. When the tires are connected directly on a fixed axle, stress is experienced everywhere as the inside tire is forced to skip ahead or the outside tire is dragged along. Thus, the differential gear assembly was invented. With a differential, the tires turn smoothly at their own speeds, and both arrive at the destination together, even if one had to spin a little more to get there.

And so it is with learning. Not every student travels the same path to arrive at the destination. But most schools are powered by a fixed axle. Students spend the same amount of time in each class as all of their peers, being pushed ahead too quickly or having their potential progress impeded. What schools need is another degree of freedom to let students move ahead at their own pace while traveling to their common destination.

The Edficiency RtI Scheduling platform is a differential for schools. By including a flexible period in the schedule, and implementing an automated scheduling platform, schools can allow students a few extra minutes each day with the specific teachers they need to see. For students who are excelling, the time can be used for enrichment lessons or extra curricular actitivites. The key is having flexible time in the schedule and a way to manage it so teachers and students can connect around individual needs, everyday, as the bumps and turns in the road change along the journey.

To learn more or see how our differential works to ease student stress, drive them forward, and allow them the freedom to learn at their own speed, call us today.

Give your students the keys to drive their learning.

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