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5 Ways to Use Flextime for Enrichment Opportunities

Having a flexible period doesn't always mean intervention. Schools are using this time to create interesting, unique, and valuable enrichment lessons that motivate students and give them something to look forward to. Here are 5 successful ideas that Edficiency schools are using to improve their students' school day experience.

Optional Field Trips

In one high school, the physics teacher wanted to put together a group to visit a physics research facility. With more than just physics students who might be interested and some learning to do beforehand, he opened it up to the whole school. Students signed up for and attended several extended learning sessions during the flex period so they would be prepared to ask valuable questions and make sense of what they experienced on the tour day.

Use flextime for students to visit a local garden to learn about plants.

Organization Nation

Lamenting the bulging folders, crinkled papers, and general disarray of some of her students' personal affects, one genius teacher founded the "Organization Nation". She created a group in the Edficiency system to automatically assign students she knew needed help, and left the session open so other students could join in if they wanted. Once a week, these students tame the paper beast with the caring and patient help of an amazing teacher.

Silent Reading Rooms

Sometimes, a student just wants a quiet place to read. A silent reading room, available by student request only, is a great environment. Since students are opting in, the session is filled with peers who know and respect the environment. These are safe, quiet spaces that are much appreciated by the studious who don't necessarily need extra help on a given day.

Friday Yoga

A high school physical education teacher recently started regular Friday Yoga sessions. Recognizing that some of the hardest working students could use a few minutes to calm and focus their minds and bodies, this teacher encourages students to roll out the mats and find a little inner peace at the end of a tough school week.

Students meditating during a flextime yoga session.

Career Speakers

A flexible period is a perfect time to invite community members in to share their experiences with students. One school is using the Edficiency platform to facilitate a career day in which students will sign up to attend one of several dozen speakers, presenting on career paths ranging from health and human services to construction and engineering and beyond. A career day is an awesome idea, but just as valuable, and perhaps easier to organize, are single day presenters that can be brought in at any time to give one-off presentations as time permits.

The possibilities really are endless once your school's flex time truly becomes flexible. The Edficiency Scheduling System gives schools that daily flexibility, but it's the passions, curiosity, and effort of the students and staff that give value to the time. Encourage your fellow staff to get creative and share your own ideas and successes below!

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